Perfect Data Solutions Excel Password Recovery

Perfect Data Solutions Excel Password Recovery 5.5

A simple and efficient password recovery tool for all your Excel spreadsheets
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Excel Password Recovery is capable of digging out that elusive password that you have forgotten or lost and that happens to be the only means to open one of your dear Excel spreadsheets. In a split second and without requiring any special skills on your side, this program will provide you with the exact combination of characters that you need to crack your Excel files open.

Its one-screen interface is a pleasure to deal with - in fact, except for selecting the Excel file to open and the recovery method that you want the program to use, there is not much more that you will be requested to do before launching the recovery process. Actually, there is a couple of things that needs to be done to ensure a speedy and successful output - you have to check the character sets that you believe you used when building the password in question. If in doubt, just check them all, thus making sure that the program will try with both capital and lowercase letters, with digits, and with a limited number of special characters, too. In a few seconds you will be presented with your much-wanted password or with its first three characters if you are just testing it.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple GUI for straightforward functionality
  • Efficient password recovery with excellent and fast results


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